Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 8:00 AM
Love Thy Neighbor Outreach Bible Garden Retreat...
2nd Chance Recovery for all types of addictions.
Family Restoration for family and friend of addicts.
Virtuous Women's Bible Study Missions Inn
Easter Musical - Interpretation "In YaYa's Bible Garden"
Featuring: 1) A walk through the Lord's prayer 2) The Life and Works of Jesus 3) In The Garden
George narrates and leads us thru The Lord's Prayer
Praying for peace for Jer and our nation.
Followed by: He is Alpha and Omega, Life and Works of Jesus
Followed by: In the Garden and Alter Call.
For more information please call Glenda Mas 386-983-4077
This is a Church Neighborhood project so if your church or someone you know would like to participate please let us know!! Thank You!!
117 Moccasin Creek Ln., Palatka, FL (off West River Road)
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