I believe, I have made myself available, I have done everything it says to do in my study guides and the bible, I am waiting,……… do you hear me God, when’s my Kaboom, my earth shattering use me moment?

Studying tonight, I came across an old writing from a friend of mine, it’s a little lengthy, but has a powerful point. It’s a great read. It’s about you and I on God’s timeline…. a time to prepare, for us to perform God’s work…. in His time, not ours!

All biblical achievers who were used by God went through a process
of preparation for the calling in which they were to function. From the
time of their calling to the time of their sending was a long period of time
in the middle called “preparation”.

Abraham and Sarah – From the promised son to Isaac’s birth, 25 years,
to the final test of sacrifice on Mt. Moriah was about another 15 or so years,
for a total of about 40 years of believing before he realized all the truth
concerning God’s promises to him and to the world through him.
Jacob – served Laban his uncle fourteen years.
Joseph – spent 13 years in a series of contradictons, heartaches, and delays
before his dreams came to pass.
Moses – forty years on the backside of a desert serving his father-in-law.
Joshua – forty years a servant to Moses.
David – Thirteen years a servant to Saul.
Daniel – From a young teen, to a man of great age, he served in the
courts of kings.
John the Baptist – Hidden and prepared for 30 years in desert places until God before God used him publicly in ministry.
Jesus – Thirty years subject to His parents before His ministry began.
Paul – Went to Arabia, then Damascus, then after 3 years to Jerusalem
where he met with Peter for 15 days and a short time with James, the
Lord’s brother, afterwards to Syria and Cilicia. Then after fourteen
years he went to Jerusalem with Bar nabas. His epistles were written
as Paul the aged.
John – Was a young “son of thunder” disciple when he began, but it
wasn’t until he was John the elder, who had been prepared as a servant,
that the revelation / vision / prophesy of Jesus Christ was given to him.

A man’s soul is forged in the fires of “preparation” by the hand of God
in a place, hidden away, called the secret place of the most high God.
It is usually a wilderness, or a desert of some kind, and always with
an authority to which one is put under and made to serve or to endure.

What comes forth is a servant, ready to obey, fully engaged
with eyes that see God, ears that hear his command with a heart that
has Father’s character and will deeply imprinted upon it.

There is no such thing as an instant servant of God.
Maturity is achieved in time, under authority, in difficult circumstances.
The prepared are people who live with a purpose to accomplish.

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that
He may exalt you in due time. I Pet. 5:6

Between you humbling yourself under God’s mighty hand and
God exalting you, is a process called “due time”, that place in the
middle where you are prepared to serve the King.

“Preparation” is for —- the “called”, the “chosen”, and the “faithful”.

Thank you Pastor Vinny Losciale, much love brother!