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Jul 02

Forums 2020

By Kristi Hill | Uncategorized

Hope FM and Gospel Vision TV are working together on candidate forums to better educate Putnam County residents as they cast their votes in the primary and general election for local candidates.

Click here to watch our forum videos.

Or, watch our forums on Gospel Vision (antenna channel 48.1 or Comcast 229) at 8:00pm on the following dates.
Clerk of Court and Property Appraiser: July 6th, 16th, and 28th
County Commission District 5: July 15th, 27th, and Aug. 6th
County Commission District 3: July 29th, Aug. 3rd, and Aug. 7th
Palatka City Commission: July 30th,  Aug. 4th, and Aug. 10th

For voter and election information visit the Putnam County Supervisor of Elections website.

Jun 30

Ricky’s Devotion for June 30

By Kristi Hill | Ricky's Blog

Watering, Waiting and Wandering…… I remember in my school days where we planted seeds, watered them and watched them grow. We would plant the seeds in a cup, water them daily and come to see each morning if they were peeking through the surface. Well, some people did. Initially, every one would check their seeds daily, then the interest would fall off for many. Some would check their seeds almost to an obsession, morning, noon and night. Much like people who minister God’s word. I get it!
As I was talking with some folks last evening and sharing my testimony, I realized that I was planting a seed, maybe I was watering a seed, perhaps tending to one. Then I went to the parable of the sower in the Bible. God uses each and ever one of use for different reason. For planting seeds, for watering and for tending, so that He can reap the harvest.
Don’t forget why you are here, for a relationship with Him. Plant a seed of Hope in someone today…. water someone today by sharing an encouraging word and lifting them up in prayer and the word of God…. (remember the Living Water). Go out there today and be that “Sermon in Shoes”. Much love, Ricky
Father, temper me today that I may be able to withstand all that the evil one can place upon me. Guide me to someone who needs You today. Let me plant the seeds of your Hope, goodness, grace and mercy. Let me water seeds already planted and let me continue to tend to those who need. Bless those who are in mourning an sick, the destitute and feeble, be with them Lord. Continue to bless the ministry at 91.3 Hope FM reaching people in our listening area. You are amazing and I praise You for all You do for us. Amen
Jun 25

Ricky’s Devotion June 25th

By Kristi Hill | Uncategorized

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:6-7).
Should I really bring my every little request to God? Doesn’t He have so much more to be concerned about than my little request?” Well, the obvious answer is that there is nothing that’s not small to God.
Your problems in life, be they a hurt toe or deep anxiety, are well within His control and worthy of being brought before Him. Why? Because God loves you and whatever concerns you also concerns Him if you’re walking in His will.
Don’t ever think God is too big to hear your little requests. Yes, He’s the Lord of creation, but He’s also an intimate friend. Take your requests to Him and trust He’ll work every single one of them out for your good and His glory.
Bring your requests – big and small – to God. The cool thing is the way he’ll work them out for your good and His glory.
Talk to Him today, He is waiting, willing and more than capable.
Jun 15

Ricky’s Devotion for June 15th

By Kristi Hill | Ricky's Blog

“Celebrate your smallness.”
I don’t know about you, but when I’m in the midst of feeling overwhelmed, the last thing I want to do is celebrate. Still, I am tempted to try and control my life. Celebrating my smallness is where Christ wants to meet me.
It’s easy for me to get tangled in a fast-paced world, distracted by hustle, driven to produce, hungry to check everything off my list. What seems good for our schedule often suffocate our souls, but then I don’t realize this until my schedule gets crazy and my soul starts to shake.
Today, let us celebrate our smallness by looking for Christ on the other side of being frustrated. Be still and know that He is God. I LOVE IT! One of my favorites
Dear God, Help me let go of the constructed life and embrace the connected life, even if it means I don’t get all my work finished. Remind me to be still in Your presence so I might remember that my soul is made to find my rest in You. Thank You for listening and for loving a small person like me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Jun 10

Father’s Day Contest Rules

By Kristi Hill | Uncategorized

Enter to WIN for Father’s Day!

Tell us why your DAD is the WORLD’S GREATEST!


  • Must be 18 or younger.

  • Include your name and age, your Dad’s name, your contact information.

  • Not eligible if you’ve won anything from Hope FM in the last 30 days
  • Deadline to enter: Wednesday June 17 at noon. Entries must be turned in at Hagan Ace Hardware in East Palatka.

  • Winner will be determined by a panel of judges and announced on 91.3 Hope FM, Friday morning, June 19th, at 8 am.

  • Employees or volunteers of Hope FM or Hagan Ace Hardware not eligible to win.


CLICK HERE to check out their Facebook!

Jun 08

June 8

By Kristi Hill | Ricky's Blog

One day when it was very windy, our front door was blown wide open by the wind, simultaneously the backdoor to slammed shut. A reminder to me that in my life as doors close, or slam shut, other doors open for me to walk through. Trust God because He is sovereign over all the doors and windows in our lives that open—and close, and everything that happens, both good and bad, is for our ultimate best (Romans 8:28).
God uses evil for good. Just looking at the cross tells us that God used the evil works of men to bring about the salvation of many who would believe in Him. So when God closes a door, He always opens a window or perhaps another door for us to grow through.
Father, as I walk this life with You, continue to slam doors shut that I need never revisit again. Lead me into and through those doors and windows that You have prepared me to enter. Blow them off their hinges and let me boldly go forth to perform Yoir Kingdom work. I ask in the name of Jesus, Amen

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