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Sep 25

HOPE ON DEMAND – 9/25/2020

By Kristi Hill | Ricky's Blog

Hey God it’s me! You know it seems as if I always come to You for help more than I do praise, that I take more than I give…. I want you to know that I don’t mean to that it just seems that way. It seems that I tend to overlook all that You do for me. Sometimes complacency sets in, old habits, old ways, apathy, distain, dissatisfaction. But then you know just what to do, you snap me back with scripture, blessings and truth. I happen to be the most blessed man on earth and I thank You for it. A loving wife, A loving and forgiving Family, a wonderful Church Family, A wonderful Pastor and above all You. As I sit and read, You open new doors, new trains of thought, foster and promote understanding and compassion. My mind is like an umbrella, it only works when it’s open. This week has been filled with the Blessings of Amazing people praying for my healing. You gave me a message, I got it! Thank you for all Blessings received, for those I am going to receive and for my loving and caring Family and Church Family, for all these things again. I praise You. Thank You Father for loving, even a man like me. Amen

Sep 23

HOPE ON DEMAND – 9/23/2020

By Kristi Hill | Ricky's Blog

Ahhhhhh Fall is here, the temperatures are dropping, alligator hunting gives way to deer hunting and pictures of children relishing the moment of their first deer taken with proud family members and often jealous siblings. This the greatest hunter I ever knew, my father-in-law’s favorite time of the year and a reminder to me that he’s gone now. His life was focused on family and wholesome events with his children and grandchildren,…. maybe that’s why I am looking at fall a little differently this year. What I mean is, me–falling into a role of leadership and the responsibility that comes with it to set the tone for my family, celebrate our differences and speak blessing over each beloved family member. Become a catalyst for good, grace and forgiveness. I also appreciate my role in fostering our family bond. Let’s face it, family gatherings can be stressful due to differences of opinion, opposing political views, an unending to-do list, and all the traveling our modern families have to do to see each other. Therefore, I’m happy to prayerfully serve as a peacemaker. So as this busy fall season begins, I ask that you join me as we lift up our families (in all our messiness) to our heavenly Father, who loves us all and is the author of our peace. Pray for peace! God bless you and have a wonderful day.

Sep 21

HOPE ON DEMAND – 9/21/2020

By Kristi Hill | Ricky's Blog

Years ago, when I went into the ministry, I actually tried to avoid it. I was fearful of taking that first step in what I knew God wanted me to do, but taking a first step on ground you’ve never walked on before is a bit scary. Eventually I took the first step and immediately felt God’s pleasure, so we don’t always have to wait for just the right moment to take that first step of faith. We might have to take that first step even when we don’t see where our foot’s going to land. It’s called faith. The first step is the hardest, but it is also the most rewarding, because when you step out on faith, you tell God, “I trust You,” and He is very pleased with that. We know that God is spirit, and that He wants us to believe in Him even though we’ve never seen Him, and even in the darkest of nights, if we take that first step, the next step will be a bit easier, even if we don’t see the staircase.Step out in faith today, make God smile and experience true joy, happy Monday everybody, step our in faith today!

Sep 18

HOPE ON DEMAND – 9/18/2020

By Kristi Hill | Ricky's Blog

Over the past few months I have allowed my life to snowball a bit, bitiing off a little more than I can chew, um,…. maybe. Often I find that I am not in the drivers seat, taking-on more than I can accomplish and need to take my own advice,… Breathe! I just need to ground myself and accomplish what I can, God will set the priorities. I get it!We may be in the race to get to heaven, but we are all running our own course. The Lord has a special individualized track for each of us. I’m not running your race, and you aren’t running mine. I won’t be judged for you, and you won’t be judged for me, or anyone else for that matter. The Lord doesn’t measure us against others. Winning not only means making it to heaven. Winning means making the Father proud. Winning means walking out our faith daily. Winning has nothing to do with how we measure up against others, it means how well we measured up against God’s plan for us. As Paul said, RUN TO WIN! Live for Jesus the way only you can. Because getting to heaven is just the beginning. God has a whole lot more for us than just that.Have a wonderful day and live your race.

Sep 16

Hope On Demand ~ 16 September 2020

By Kristi Hill | Ricky's Blog

I praise You Father for Your constant presence. Help me to quiet my life and to take in the awesome beauty of spending time in Your presence. Thank You for planting Your word in my heart. Help me to grow in You and bear fruit in Your Kingdom. As I go about my day, allow me exude Your being within me to others that I may be a worthy example of Your greatness. Thank you for healing. I ask all in Your precious name, Amen.

Sep 10

HOPE ON DEMAND – 10 September 2020

By Kristi Hill | Ricky's Blog

Hey God it’s me, my heart is a little heavy and I just wanted to talk. Father as 9/11 rolls around, it always seems to get me emotional.
When I think of that day, on that ship, turning around and heading back in I was devastated, we were devastated, the country was devastated. Just weeks before I had lost a nephew, we had already been in the Persian Gulf and I was on my way home. Soon my devastation turned to anger, as all Americans probably experienced,….. revenge.
I try not to dwell on the past, I pray and I now use my past as a testimony to You. As as I sit here this evening, I have an overwhelming need to talk to You. Our world full of turmoil, strife and hate. Country against country, culture against culture, race again race and even religion against religion. Somehow, we’ve gotten lost along the way. Father, walking with You is not easy, You said it wouldn’t be. Commitment is a 24/7 job, You said it would be, there are no part time positions available in Heaven, I get it. You said we would be persecuted and we are. You said the Devil is relentless, and he is.
Lord arm us with Your word, grace us with the Holy Spirit, give us presence of mind that we are resilient to attacks by Satan and comfort in Your fold. Continue to Bless me as I grow in You. Help me to understand this world that I might navigate it better to serve You. Give me “stick and rudder” Lord and continue to show me Your will. Bless us as Christian Americans Lord, that we be resilient and strong in spirit to overcome all obstacles. Bless our Families and Church Family for we all need you more now than ever. And special blessings for families in mourning and those that are sick for they need You. I ask that You comfort them and fill them with the Holy Spirit. I know I said a mouthful here Lord and I feel better already. Right now, this very minute starts a new day in my journey with You. Thank You for allowing me to serve You another day, please protect and comfort little Kennedy Lord, Your precious gift to my family and this world. Father place a hedge of protection of those in service to this great Country and guide our leadership that they make decisions supporting Your will. We love You, praise You and rejoice in knowing that in You all things are possible. In Your Holy name. Amen
PS… It’s was me again….. Thanks for listening. Ricky

Sep 09

HOPE ON DEMAND – 9/9/2020

By Kristi Hill | Ricky's Blog

No matter what you’re facing, God cares for you and will carry you. “It” may not be OK, but, because of the Lord’s great love, you will be OK!
“Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.” Lamentations 3:22
We want to live out a story that makes sense. We want poems to rhyme and puzzles to be solved. We just want everything to be OK. But the truth is, we really don’t know whether or not “it” will be OK. My friends, because of His great love, you will not be consumed either. Fear, anger or insecurity will not overtake you. His compassions will never fail you. Even in the midst of your heartache, you’re still cradled in His compassion. You are as cared for and protected as a baby in a mother’s womb. That’s why you will be OK—no matter what. A surgery may fail, but God’s compassions will not. A treatment may fail, but God’s compassions will not. A relationship may fail, but God’s compassions will not. A dream may fail, but God’s compassions will not. Lord, carry me today. Show me Your care for me. If I begin to feel overwhelmed, overwhelm me with Your peace and presence. Reassure me that no matter what, I will be OK. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Sep 08


By Kristi Hill | Ricky's Blog

I used to think that Jesus wasn’t a God of adventure–he was the one telling me to behave in Sunday school. But the Jesus I’ve found is one who has called me into the greatest adventure of my life. He is calling you today, right now!
“How true is this! What a journey! Worship life! Have a great day.
Sep 03

Hope on Demand 3 September 2020

By Kristi Hill | Ricky's Blog

There are those who argue against change and speak of doom with the coming of change have no dreams; and have no visions. They live in the present and long for the past. They do not want to work for tomorrow. They are like the ones who said they supported Paul in his ministry but weren’t there when Paul was in court.
But God was there with Paul and gave him the support that he needed at a most difficult time. We may fear change because we are uncertain about what is to come but the certainty of the presence of God in our lives can remove that fear.
True change, or transformation, begins when we open our hearts and our minds to the presence of Jesus Christ. It is more than just saying that you accept Christ, it is the actual acceptance of Christ. It may not come immediately but it will happen if you let it. And then you let the Holy Spirit empower you and things begin to change.
The seasons change and as the days grow shorter and darker, it is perhaps hard to see what lies ahead. But in Christ, we have the promise of hope and rebirth, of renewal and new beginnings. Scripture tells us, “To everything there is a season, a time and purpose under heaven.” This is the season in which the change comes in our lives and what we will do in the new kingdom. What season are you in? Are your ready for change? Are you prepared for what will be?
Have a wonderfully blessed Thursday, get into fellowship today, enjoy the season you are in! God Bless you, Ricky
Sep 02


By Kristi Hill | Ricky's Blog

Renews your mind
Gives you the courage to stand strong even when you are tired
Reminds you that you are stronger than you appear
My life has been a roller coaster in the last ten years. There has been much heartache and hurt. I have been hopping to one church to another to only find more hurt and rejection. Seeking to what served me best. Did you catch that–not a place for me to fit in and serve but a place to serve mwah!
Life was never meant to do alone. So…I looked everywhere for a church I could attend. Contemporary, traditional, self study, you name it–something for everyone but me. I wanted the feel good without the commitment. I wanted the prize without the effort. Then I stumbled into a little white church with a young pastor and his testimony really drew me in, I felt like I belonged and that I was welcome. No one pushed me to do anything I did not want to do. I felt home for the first time in a long time. My disappointment turned into hope. My loneliness turned into meeting other Christian folks who understood my hurt.
Better yet, I found a church that turned my attitude from an attitude of taking to an attitude of servitude. Not because I am supposed to attend church every week, but because I want to attend church and worship God with other Christians. I want to attend church, because my heart longs for fellowship with fellow believers. My flesh may be weak, but Spiritually I am strong.
Life happens, but it does not mean you have to live in defeat. Get up, Dust yourself off, and Stand strong. Hope for what’s to come!
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