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Jul 10

School Supply Drive

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Now collecting:





Even though the return to school may be a bit different this year, the need for supplies remains. Each year our school supply drive efforts directly assist elementary teachers in helping children learn. Since many kids are sent to school without proper supplies, we make sure the teachers have those items on hand. This year, we’re focusing on just the basic necessities and we’d appreciate your help! We’re collecting now through July 31.

Douglas Law Firm has already committed to providing all 300 backpacks. We’re super thankful for that! We’d like to fill each one with pencils, wide-ruled notebook paper, and a few pocket/prong folders. Plus, cans of disinfecting wipes or spray for each school. If you want to help by donating items, they can be dropped off or shipped directly to our station (3419 St. Johns Avenue, Palatka 32177.)

Jun 27

Smith Products

By Robin Robinson | Business Partners

Smith Products builds custom cabinets for homes and businesses.  They did an exquisite job on one of our offices at the Hope FM studio!  They’ve been serving our community since 1945 and service Putnam and surrounding areas.

Showroom location:

900 Kirby Street, Palatka

Jan 07

USB Memory Direct

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USB Memory Direct

USB Memory Direct is a leader in custom made flash drives, serving clients all over the world for over 15 years. Whether you’re looking for a flash drive with a classic style or a to-scale replica of your company’s most notable product, their grade-A capacity prices are unbeatable. From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, they transform your digital marketing materials and deliverable’s into a memorable product that will increase your ROI.
Phone number: (866) 404-4645
Address: 1940 Harrison Street, Hollywood, FL 33020