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What is Sharathon?

At Hope FM, we are proud to be a listener supported ministry. Sharathon is our annual fundraiser where we come to you to ask for your financial support to keep our radio ministry thriving. 

Why support Hope FM?

Every day, we help spread HOPE and encouragement to our community. Your support allows us to help folks KEEP ON HOPING in Putnam County. We hear stories every day from people just like you that had their days or even their lives radically changed by something they heard on Hope FM. We rejoiced to hear that someone recently gave their life to Christ just from something they heard Rachel say on Hope FM.

For Sharathon, we only talk about the 71%, which is $220,000 of our operating budget. What we know we have committed from current donors is $156,000. This leaves a gap of $64,000, which is where we get our goal from.
What is the money used for?
We have no debt! Our budget is used strictly for operating costs such as utilities, music licensing fees, insurance, general operating costs, and the salaries of our staff members. We have one part time and three full time employees. We also allocate some funds to community outreach events, such as concerts. We also lease a few billboards around town so that we can tell more people about Hope FM.

The Future
We are growing! In 2020 we were able to move our production director, Rachel, in from Ohio. In 2021 we were able to move our digital director, Daria, and her husband from Ohio as well. The $220,000 is our "bare bones" operating budget. Our goal is to raise enough beyond that so that we are able to replace equipment as needed and lease more billboards so we can tell more people about the ministry of Hope FM. We have also applied with the FCC for a second signal that would expand our reach and allow us to spread the Gospel to even more people.

What difference can I make?
Of our roughly 10,000 listeners, only about 6% give. Some of our long term donors are no longer able to give, or have had to cut back due to a change in financial status. We have also had a long term donor sadly pass away recently. We need your help to fill those gaps. Whether you can give $5 a month or $500, you are making a difference in people's lives by helping us continue to spread HOPE.
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