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Christmas Devo #1: Mary

Do you like to know everything that’s happening ahead of time?

Do you feel better when you have a schedule and the details are known and managed?

How do you think Mary might have felt as a young teenage girl when she was out hanging the laundry or gathering tomatoes from the garden, doing her daily chores, and managing her life, and an ANGEL suddenly stood in front of her? That was not expected!!

And then, the angel told her she would be pregnant … with GOD. What???

An unmarried, good Jewish girl??? Pregnant?

What kind of life interruption is that?

Understandably, Mary was greatly troubled (the Bible says) and wondered how this was possible since she was a virgin.

After the angel explained that the Holy Spirit had all the details covered, what was Mary’s response?

She said, “I am the Lord’s servant. May your word to me be fulfilled.”

Is that how you respond to interruptions in YOUR life? “Of course, Lord. I’m all Yours.”

How could Mary be so quickly surrendered to this outrageous plan?

Because she was *already* surrendered. Every day.

Her life was already not her own, but the Lord’s to do with as He knew was best.

She had already decided that she could trust God with her life so that when He hijacked her day and her entire future (!!), she was okay with it.

She didn’t know how it would look or play out, but she didn’t even ask! She simply said ‘okay’ and then adjusted to what happened day by day. Some days were probably hard as her mind flooded with questions and maybe anxiety, but she kept surrendering to what He was doing.

God had the perfect plan for her life, and she knew that so she could welcome His interruptions.

How about you, my friend? Would you trust God this Christmas with your schedule, the details, and your daily plans? Will you surrender yourself to whatever HE wants so that His interruptions become opportunities for you to know Him better, see His hand at work in your life, and be a blessing to others?

What do we learn from Mary? Learn to welcome interruptions because that’s where God does some of His best work.


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