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We all crave it, but sometimes we don’t want to admit it. No, I’m not talking about chocolate, I’m talking about control.

We are constantly told to “have faith”, “trust in God!” But that is easier said than done.

When so many things in life are out of our control, it makes us crave it even more.

But seeking control can replace real and authentic peace.

“The more we seek control, the less we feel it. We experience this anxiety in relatively harmless situations like tracking the weather or an incoming package, but we experience it more acutely in other situations. Control is a false gospel of sorts, promising us a security that only Jesus can provide. But while the promise of control is quite literally a devil’s deal — dating all the way back to the garden of Eden — the good news is this: We don’t have to settle for the enemy’s offers of power or peace because we can have the real thing in Jesus.” -Sharon Miller

We may want control, but trust me, we don’t need it. Can you imagine how much harder your life would be if you were in control of everything? I, for one, am glad to not be in control. The most perfect person in the world is in control, and He can handle it a lot better than I can!

Tenth Avenue North has a song called Control. The lyrics remind us of this:

God You don't need me But somehow You want me Oh, how You love me Somehow that frees me To open my hands up And give You control You want me Somehow You want me The King of Heaven wants me So this world has lost its grip on me

That’s right. The King of Heaven wants YOU. With all of your worries, flaws, and imperfections. With all of your broken pieces and doubts. With your desperate want for control.

Put it all in His very capable hands.

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