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Our Mistakes. Jesus's Rescue.

I am blessed to be surrounded by people who will save me from my own dumb mistakes.

I recently went home in the middle of the day to have lunch. When I was leaving my house to go back to work I grabbed my purse, my phone, and some fruit to snack on later and locked the door behind me.

But I had forgotten perhaps the most important item if you're locking your house and planning on getting in your car. My keys. Oh, I knew exactly where they were. Unfortunately they weren't doing me any good on my coffee table at this moment.

I briefly marveled at my own stupidity before thanking God I had my phone on me and called Rachel to come rescue me. Fortunately, I live quite close to work and my husband was able to pick me up later.

Then I got to thinking, I make dumb mistakes all the time. The consequences aren't always as immediate and obvious as getting stranded on my own front patio, but I make them quite regularly. And just like Rachel and my husband are willing and able to inconvenience themselves for the sake of my absent-mindedness, Jesus is the propitiation for my mistakes. And He suffered far more than a ten minute drive in an air-conditioned car.

Jesus sacrificed and suffered to save us for our sins because He loves us that much. Easter is coming up. Let's not lose sight of what Jesus did for us. He paid a debt He did not owe because we owed a debt we could not pay. It wasn't Jesus's fault that our sins separate us from God. But He suffered as though it was.

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