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Recently, Robin had an interview with comedian Jeff Allen. He was supposed to call in to the station at a certain time, but he didn't. Almost an hour later, he calls apologizing because he was working on a fence with his wife and had completely forgotten about the interview. And we all had a good laugh at that. It didn't make me think any less of him. It made me see him as a human. It made me gain more respect for him, because he's a famous comedian with a totally normal and mundane reason for forgetting about an appointment he had.

He's forgetful. He's normal. He's like me.

These are the common experiences that bind us together as humans. Forgetfulness. Things being broken. Fixing things that are broken. Spending time with people we love.

It can sometimes be hard to let people see these imperfections. These vulnerabilities. Sharing feelings can be hard, not because we don't have them, but because we fear we have an abundance of them. We may fear that by showing what lies beneath our outer shell, we open ourselves up to potential hurt.

But sometimes, shedding our polished exterior and showing others what makes us human is how we foster deeper relationships. People relate to people, and people have problems. People aren't perfect.

Some of the greatest conversations in my life have happened when someone decided to bring me in closer than arms length and vice versa.

We're all just people. We're all still trying to figure out this thing called life. It's ok to not have it all together. It's ok to be vulnerable.

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