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What do moms really want for Mother's Day?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

I've got to be honest, Mother's Day completely snuck up on me this year (Before you scramble to pull up you calendar app, it's May 8th). In fact I had completely forgotten about it until Robin asked me about our social media plan for it. So then I wondered what I should do for my mom on the first Mother's Day where we won't be together. More than anything, I know what she really wants is to see me. That will mean more than any trinket or store bought card I can send in the mail. So what do moms really want? You might be surprised to know it might not be expensive jewelry.

Here's some suggestions that will make your wallet and the mom in your life happy: A survey from One Good Thing reveals that first and foremost, moms want time alone. This was especially true among moms of younger kids. Conversely, moms of older kids wanted to spend time with their kids. Other suggestions included a home cooked meal (that she didn't cook) and a clean house (that she didn't clean). Other moms said they'd like a handwritten note, clean car, or just a nap!

You may have noticed a trend. Most moms don't need you to spend a bunch of money. Moms just want to know they are loved and appreciated. How will you be making the mom in your life feel special this Mother's Day?

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