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Whom Shall I Fear?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Tommy Iceland is a Nashville based singer/songwriter. After the war started in Ukraine, he was moved to record a new version of Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies). This is not just a song. This is an international collaboration. The video opens on a Ukrainian flag. The text caption: For/From Ukraine.

Tommy had this to say on the making of the song:

"It all started a few days after the war began in Ukraine and I just felt God prompting me to record a song together with a Ukrainian worship leader. More than anything I do, I want to stay obedient to whatever God calls me to do, because serving Him first is my greatest desire for as long as I’m here.

"I was listening to Chris's version of this song one day and instantly knew it had to be that song. The lyrics just hit in a completely new way with this war in mind. It was also important to me that this song would have to come out of Ukraine. Not just for Ukraine. I had no connections there so I asked God to lead the way and make it happen if it was His will. Multiple friends and connections started digging around and that ultimately lead me to Mark Sergeev. People spoke very highly of him, and they all said this is your guy. If anyone is supposed to do this it’s him.

"One day late afternoon (past midnight in Ukraine), I get a hold of Mark. He and his family were hiding underground in the basement of their church, while the Russians were bombing their city. I just broke down. Could not imagine the fear and terror of what they were going through. I honestly didn’t know if they were even going to survive the night. Next morning we spoke on the phone, and the Russians had just occupied their city. Still hiding in the basement of the church, they were first able to translate the song into Ukrainian and also record it for me. But before they could send me the files, the Russians had shut down all internet services in the country. A couple of days went by with very little communication and I asked God - 'if this is really Your will, please let the vocal files come through so we can finish this song.'

"Two days later, Marks vocals end up in my inbox. I have no idea how, but God made it happen.

"Then God inspired me to write an additional verse in the end of the song that I really wanted a Ukrainian child to sing. I had no idea how and if that would even be possible, but my friend Tomas in Sweden mentioned his church had just welcomed two families who had evacuated Ukraine. One of the families had a 9 year old girl named Kate who loves singing. Tomas and his son Dennis were able to record her vocals that same evening, and at that point the whole song just came together.

"It’s been so powerful seeing Gods hand in this process from start to finish. We have hit so many roadblocks on the way and it’s been such an emotional roller coaster. Musically, it’s the most special thing I have ever gotten to be a part of. Finally today this song is out for the world to hear, and my prayer is that anyone listening and, most importantly, the people of Ukraine will be greatly comforted in knowing that the God of Angel armies is always by your side."

Check out this incredible version of the song below.

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