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Welcome to Hope FM, Putnam County's Christian music station! Our radio ministry is dedicated to impacting and influencing individuals, families, and our community for Jesus Christ through uplifting Christian music and programming. We strive to be a resource and a lifeline to those who need it, while spreading the Gospel of Jesus within our community. Thank you for tuning in!

Our History

In March 1996, Putnam Radio Ministries went on the air as WHIF (Where Hope Is Found). Started by a local church, the station was created as a stand-alone non-profit ministry. The intent was a symbiotic relationship in which the station would both support and be supported by the community. In 2005, we adopted the name “Hope FM”. Our station is completely funded by listeners, churches, and local businesses.


Approximately 50% of our income is donated by our listeners. A small amount comes from other fund raisers, local churches and some of the programming we air. The remainder is raised through our business partner program, also known as underwriting. View a full list of our business partners here.

Business Sponsorship

Our ministry is possible in part thanks to many generous businesses and organizations. As a non-commercial, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, we do not air typical commercials. As an underwriter or sponsor, we publicly thank our businesses for their support, and give a brief description of their business and the services offered. Although the wording is different from typical commercials, it is still very effective for businesses in getting their name out to our listeners. See our list of business partners here. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us or click here for more information.

Get to know our DJs! Our team consists of two full-time staff members, one part time staff, and three volunteer DJs.

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