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Rewinding the Stress

One thing that's pretty much gone from our landscape and daily life is the video store. Now we've got movies on demand with the push of a button, but it used to be a big deal to walk around the video store to pick out a movie to go home and watch.

Back in the day when movies were all on VHS tapes there was a well-known slogan, Be kind, rewind." Well, it was more than being kind. Sometimes they'd charge you if you didn't rewind it! Ah, the things young folks will never know about...

Let me give you a similar slogan for Christmas time when the holiday calendar is on overload: be kind, remind. It's easy to lose sight of Christ's birth when we're busy buying presents, baking cookies, going to Christmas cantatas, pageants and parties, and putting up decorations. Remind yourself that it's not truly about all that stuff.

So if you're feeling overwhelmed, take a step back. Remember Who we're celebrating and why. Then turn up Hope FM and sing along!

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