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Dealing with Distractions

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

As I've been sick, I've been mostly working from home this past week. And I'm very thankful that we have the technology that allows me to continue to work while not risking getting anyone else sick. However, as many people over the past two years have discovered, working from home presents its own challenges. Most notably, distractions. My husband is also working from home right now and he just has to tell me something right this minute. My bed is only a few feet away and *yawn* it's just so exhausting sitting in this chair all day. There are snacks in the kitchen and I'm not actually hungry but I'm just gonna go wander in there anyway...

It's no wonder it can be hard to focus. My main distraction, however, is none of these things. My distraction has a name. His name is Hobbes. This guy right here:

Yes, he's cute, but don't let him fool you. He's an absolute nut and he hates it when I try to do anything that isn't giving him constant attention. However, despite his persistence, like most distractions, he'll eventually go away if I allow myself to tune him out for long enough to get some work done and not feel bad about it. Don't worry, buddy. We'll play later.

We have to give ourselves permission to prioritize the many things all demanding our attention, and then tune out the things that aren't important. So if you're stuck working from home like me, here's some tips from Fast Company and Michael Page. Click here for some general tips on increasing productivity and decreasing distractions from American Express.

And on that note, the cat is back. I wonder what he does when we're not here...

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