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Animal Lessons with Rachel: Otters

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

I wish adults were more like otters.

I hate that as adults we feel like we have to be serious all the time. We put on this façade of “Oh yes, I am a mature adult and laughing and having fun is a waste of time.”

But life can be fun. It is fun, when we seek it. So, where has all the fun gone?

When I went on vacation my friend Shelby and I went to the zoo, and we loved the otter exhibit. The otters were jumping around and running, diving into the water and playing, looking so full of joy. Shelby and I stood there watching them and laughing for at least ten minutes.

If God created the playful otter, don’t you think we can also have that same playfulness? Are we too distracted by the rain to realize that we can still dance in it?

The circumstances of this life are all too real and can be very heavy at times, but joy is readily available to us. We can find joy in hard times. We can laugh even though we are “mature adults”.

You were created to experience joy. The world around us is full of God’s playfulness and creativity. Whether through weird animals, the giggles of a child, or inside jokes between friends. It’s there. Joy is here.

So today, I pray that God would take the weight of solemnity off of your chest, and replace it with childlike delight and curiosity. I pray that you would see opportunities for lightheartedness, and that holy joy would overflow abundantly in your life.

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