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Dependence on God

We had some updates made at the station recently that knocked out the internet for a little while. You don't think about just how heavily you rely on the internet until it's not there. For me, there are very very few aspects of my job that I can do offline.

Think about how much you use the internet for: banking, communicating, movies, shopping, researching, directions, music, and gaming, just to name a few. We are truly dependent on the internet.

But how much are we dependent on God?

The same God responsible for the air in our lungs and the ground under our feet—how much do we depend on Him? Is He the source of our hope, strength, and peace, or are we turning to other sources?

When we need to make decisions or the pitfalls of life strike once again, do we find ourselves turning to friends, our spouse, or even the endless void of the internet when we should be turning to the Author of life itself?

God will never leave us or forsake us, but let's not take Him for granted. When things happen in our lives, whether they be good or bad let's make a conversation with Him our first step, not our last resort.


Want more on depending on God? Check out this article from!

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