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God is in This Story: Meet Katy Nichole

You probably know Katy from her hit song "In Jesus Name (God of Possible)". Now she's back with another song from her self-titled debut EP "God is in this Story". If there's one thing Katy knows, it's God is in this story and that through Him, all things are possible.

The words of "In Jesus Name" were inspired by Katy's own writings in her prayer journal during the Covid pandemic and her own health crisis.

As a teen, Katy was diagnosed with scoliosis and underwent surgery to correct it. The debilitating post-op pain left her bedridden and took a toll on her emotional and spiritual well-being.

Three years after the first surgery, Katy underwent a second surgery to remove the rods that had been placed in her back to correct her spine.

"I go into the second surgery, and I come out of it," Katy recalls, "and the smoke cloud of depression was gone. I encountered the Lord in that moment. When I got my X-rays after surgery, my spine was actually straighter than when the rods had been in it. So when I say that God can do miracles, I mean it, because I've seen it."

"There’s no story that doesn’t matter to God. Every story was written by Him, and He’s the greatest author of all time," Katy says.

"God’s healed me, so I know He can heal someone else. I’m going to share my story and hope it will encourage others to go and share theirs."

Listen to Katy's hit "In Jesus Name (God of Possible)" and her new song "God is In This Story" below. You can also tune in on 91.3 FM, online, or on the app.

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