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God's Faithfulness

How are your resolutions going?

It’s February and by now most of the talk about New Year’s resolutions has faded. We are less than two months into the year and how many of us can say we have kept our resolutions? Well, not me! I had grand plans of organizing all of the spaces in my home and “getting my life together”.

There are a few reasons why my resolution has already failed but the main problem is actually the same one that has caused yours to fail too.

It was me! Hi! I was the problem… It’s me!

Of course, you understand I wasn’t the reason yours failed but that YOU were!

The problem is that nobody lies to us more than we do! We can’t even keep our own promises to ourselves. Maybe that is why we tend to have a hard time believing that God is faithful, because we aren’t.

Don’t let our sinful nature be the framework that we use to view the God of the Universe! God is perfect. It is outside of His nature and character to fail. Find both joy and rest today knowing that God is faithful and that He always keeps His promises!

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Oh man… this is GOOD, convicting, and so encouraging! 😭

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