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Nobody Better

"Nobody better, kid!"

I hear that phrase on the ballfield every week. My son plays travel ball for a team out of Keystone and we love it. We are new to the team and it’s been so much fun getting to know everyone. Supporting your kids in sports can really bring out some things in you as a parent. In this case, this simple phrase that the parents were using to encourage the kids really hit me.

When a kid is up to bat or maybe they are pitching and the pressure is really on, all of the parents start yelling, “Nobody better! Nobody better, kid!” What they are saying is that there is nobody better to get that hit or strike that batter out.

Now, in reality, there are plenty of baseball players around the world that are way more qualified and experienced than our ten-year-olds, but here’s the kicker… those players aren’t there. The only player capable of making the play is the player that’s in that position. So, when it comes to the kid standing on the mound or stepping into the batter’s box, there’s nobody better!

I think about this often and compare it to our walk with the Lord. So often, God calls us to something that we might think we can’t do. And the reality is that there are probably a lot of people that are more experienced and more qualified than us to do whatever it is. But God didn’t call them! He called you!

There is nobody better to do that thing because God called you to do it! Stop doubting God today by letting your own thoughts get in the way and trust that if He has called you to step into something new, He is faithful, and there is nobody better.

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