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What is Sharathon?

Sharathon is our annual fundraiser.  We are proud to be a listener supported ministry. The majority of our operating budget comes from listeners just like you.

Sharathon is more than just a fundraiser. This is a special time in our ministry where we get to connect with our listeners.

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Our Goal

Our annual operating budget is $355,000.  Some of that is raised by gifts from local churches, business sponsorships, and Trot for Hope. The majority of it, $250,000, comes from listeners just like you!  Because of so many faithful donors that already give, we have most of that covered. This year’s goal comes from the amount beyond what we can count on.  We need to raise $60,000.  New monthly donations of $1,500 and one-time gifts of $42,000 will accomplish that goal. 

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How is the money used?

We have no debt! Our budget is used strictly for operating costs such as utilities, music licensing fees, insurance, general operating costs, and the salaries of our staff members. We have two part time and two full time employees. We also allocate some funds to community outreach events, such as concerts. One of our goals this last year has been advertising and upgrades. We have leased more billboards around town so that we can tell more people about Hope FM, and we’ve made significant equipment upgrades.

The Future

We are growing!  This year, we added our office manager, Tabitha, to our staff as well as bringing back our beloved DJ Ricky. Jess has also moved into our digital director role.  The $250,000 is our "bare bones" operating budget. Our goal is to raise enough beyond that so that we are able to replace equipment as needed and lease more billboards so we can tell more people about the ministry of Hope FM. 

Digital Director

What difference can I make?

Of our roughly 10,000 listeners, only about 6% give. Some of our long term donors are no longer able to give, or have had to cut back due to a change in financial status. We need your help to fill those gaps. Whether you can give $5 a month or $500, you are making a difference in people's lives by helping us continue to spread HOPE.

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