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A Small Voice: The Edwards's Story

Matthew and Sarah Edwards's world was forever changed when they were told at the 12 week scan that the precious baby she was carrying was diagnosed with a birth defect called Anencephaly. This birth defect affects 1 in 4600 babies born in the world. Babies with Anencephaly do not develop a skull and in this case, their brain.

Their hearts are broken because anencephaly is a fatal birth defect and they know their baby will not survive after birth.

"The only thing I find comfort in is giving my baby a voice," Sarah says. "A voice that is small, but matters and a life that will be short, but that God created for a purpose."

Their strong faith and their son Arlo help Matt and Sarah maintain their joy through it all.

I was honored to sit down and chat with this courageous young couple to hear their story.

Please pray for their family, and consider supporting them financially by giving to an account that has been established for them, or by purchasing a chicken dinner. Tickets can be picked up at Hope FM and more information can be found HERE.

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