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Christmas Devo #2: Elizabeth

Have you ever received information that was emotionally overwhelming?

Even if it was good news, maybe it would lead to things you couldn’t see coming.

Sometimes, news is unsettling or even a little scary.

You feel the need to process it with someone. Preferably, someone who has experienced what you’re experiencing, or at least someone who cares enough about you to step into it with you.

That’s what Mary did after she became pregnant. She traveled around 100 miles to see her cousin, Elizabeth, who was 6 months pregnant. Elizabeth’s situation also involved an angel visit and a miraculous conception. Do you think she understood what Mary told her?

Literally, no one else would understand what had happened to Mary but Elizabeth.

So Mary went to the one person she knew could help her, could process with her all that happened, and would be happy for her instead of shocked and appalled at a pregnant, unmarried teenager.

What did Elizabeth say to Mary? She didn’t say, “Oh no! That’s terrible. That’s scary. I’m so sorry that happened to you.”

NO. She saw God’s hand all over Mary’s situation and encouraged her!

“You are blessed! Your child is blessed!”

And then she affirmed Mary’s faith, “You are blessed because you believe what God said to you is true!”

She turned any anxiety Mary may have had into joy.

“God’s got this, Mary! This is going to be amazing! You can do this!!”

Those kinds of words are healing and strengthening to a worried, nervous, and unsure soul.

So the next time someone comes to you with a challenging situation, speak life into it and into her or him. Affirm! Look for how God is blessing in that situation. Help them see the good – God’s goodness.

Your words can change the direction of someone’s life!

What do we learn from Elizabeth? Learn to see opportunities to encourage because God sends people our way who need it.


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