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Christmas Devo #4 – The Wise Men (Persian Astrologers)

Have you been pursuing something for a long time? Are you getting tired? Do you sometimes feel like quitting? Do you wonder if you’ll ever finish or get there or achieve what you want?

I remember how hard it was to wait when I knew God was calling me here to Hope FM. It was months from the moment the thought was sparked to the time it started looking like a possibility; then months before I could actually begin doing what I felt like I was ready and waiting for. I just wanted to RUN from where I was to here, but there was a lot of space in between.

When I could finally step into the place the Lord had shown me to go, my heart sang!

The Persian wise men in the Christmas story who traveled to Bethlehem followed a star they knew would lead them to the new King of Jews. They were on a mission!

They traveled somewhere between 500-700 miles in a caravan of camels and donkeys, most likely. It’s estimated it took them 4-5 months to get to Bethlehem.

That’s a long, uncomfortable journey!

Why did they do that? What would motivate YOU to do something like that?

They wanted to see a new baby king and worship him. They even took gifts all the way from Babylon to present and tracked Jesus down until they found Him. The Bible says, “They fell down and worshiped Him.”

It was a powerful moment for them! It’s what they had traveled for and looked forward to for months!!

What have you been working on or chasing after for a long time? Maybe you’re wondering if you can make it.

You can! Maybe you’re feeling burned out. Keep going!

Get back on that camel or donkey, and keep riding!!

Don’t give up close to the finish line! The outcome is worth it.

What do we learn from the wise men? Learn to be okay with long journeys because God rewards perseverance with life-changing outcomes.


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