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Game Time!

She called it a game, but in just seconds we could clearly tell this was not one with fun and laughter. Our staff went to a conference, where one of the added benefits is the team building that happens along the way.

Once we'd arrived the first night and were seated around a table waiting for dinner, Malenda suggested we play a game. We'd each go around the table and share what we believe to be one of our strong points or good characteristics.

Wait. What? Talk about something good about myself? I quickly found I wasn't the only one to feel quite uncomfortable. Ask for what I think are my weaknesses and bad characteristics and I can come up with a lenghy list immediately.

After a couple of rounds, she switched it up. We then each shared what we saw were strengths in one another. Again, that feeling of uneasiness settled in, but was quickly replaced by gratitude for the kindnesses being spoken over us.

Affirmations of the giftings God has placed in us are so important, and a great way to counteract the negative self-talk we can get so used to hearing.

This so-called game did a big work in our hearts and minds. Thanks,'re now captain of team games!

"for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure."

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