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Happy New Year!

Show me the right path, O Lord, point out the road for me to follow.

Picking the right path is top of mind when mapping out the new year. I recalled our trip to the mountains in the fall. We chose to go the longer route, picking the scenic roads through small towns rather than the more direct route of the interstate. Peace and beauty along the journey were more important than getting there faster. In the journey of life we have those choices, too. I want and need God’s peace each moment to accomplish His purposes. I get tempted to take shortcuts or skimp where I should spend in order to reach a goal or accomplish a task as quickly and easily as possible. Then I wonder why I’d ever want to do it my own way, when like the song MakeRoom says, “Your way is better!”

Lord, help me never turn my back on your peaceful presence by doing things my own way. I want to walk with you along paths of peace and enjoy the journey in your presence. Amen! 


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