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I Can't Invoke Change, But God Can

Vacation time always lends itself to me reflecting on my life and some of the trials and situations that I find myself in.

Have you noticed that retaliating in an ungentle manner toward difficult people only makes the situation worse? The most beneficial lesson I have learned when it comes to dealing with difficult people is that I will never change them. It won't change them if I intelligently point out all their flaws and how they are obviously in the wrong. It won't change them if I speak badly about them or gossip about them to others over their issues. And it won't change them if I have a rebellious attitude that refuses to live up to my God-given responsibilities out of wanting to prove the point that "I won't be treated this way!" Only God can change their hearts, if He so chooses. He changed mine!

We have to seek godly counsel over how to deal with difficult people in our lives. We cannot deal with trials like this on our own, so having a support system around you of like-minded believers who can encourage you to continue growing in your walk with God is a must.

Remember, every moment your life exhibits godly character is a moment that glorifies God and honors His Word.

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