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Ignite Your Life

His joy is contagious. Barry Meguiar says he is having the time of his life every day, living with joy, peace, purpose, and direction. He also says it's something that's available to all Christians!

Weekday afternoons at 12:50 we have a one-minute feature called Ignite where Barry usually starts out saying one of two things: he's a layman and he's a car guy. It means he's not a pastor but he does ministry by intentionally sharing the gospel even as he runs his car wax business!

I had a chance to chat with him about his new book called Ignite Your Life: Defeat Fear With Effortless Faith. His joy for the Lord and living life fully for him was quite evident. Listen to the interview and let me know if you're ready to read the book. The first three people that email me at get a free copy!

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