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It Takes Time

One thing no one tells you about getting older is that there comes a point in your relationship with your parents where the roles start to reverse. While I will always depend on my parents experience and wisdom for advice, the older I get, the more I find myself in the position of needing to offer comfort or advice to them.

A recent example of this:

My parents recently got a new kitten (Cooper) after losing one of their other two cats (Otis). It's been a rough transition. Cooper made them realize they were still grieving the loss of Otis and that they might have moved on too quickly. To complicate matters, Cooper wasn't settling in or getting along with the other cat (Shadow) as well as they'd hoped.

My mom very frustratedly recounted the horrible week they'd had with Cooper. He was growling at Shadow and not socializing with the family. They were nearing their wits' end.

I told her it just takes time. She and dad had not given themselves proper time to grieve Otis, and now they weren't giving Cooper proper time to get used to a new house with new people and new animals.

Only two days later, she sent me pictures of Cooper and Shadow cuddled up together, and Cooper cuddled up on my dad's lap.

If you're in a season of grief or adjustment, allow yourself to sit there for a while. Don't let anyone, or even yourself, tell you you should be past this by now. Grief takes time. Healing takes time. Adjusting to a new way of living takes time. Rushing yourself through the process won't help anything. But there is healing on the other side of pain.

It just takes time.

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