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Jess's First Sharathon

I have had the privilege of listening to Hope FM for, what feels like, my whole life! I was fortunate to grow up in this small town of Palatka and I can remember what a big deal it was to find out we were getting our very own Christian radio station.

Way back in 2007, I even snuck in the station on Friday nights and listened to my best friend Hannah host a radio show with the Christian music we were into at the time. We would keep our friends up to date on the latest shows at Murray Hill Theatre. Whenever I left town, whether it was to go off to school or when I got married, Hope FM was always waiting for me as soon as I got close enough to home.

In 2017, I felt led to start giving at Sharathon! I remember thinking that I had listened for years and never given. It was time! Since then, I truly feel that I have been partnering in the mission and vision of Hope FM.

Now, I get to partner with them in a whole new way! I recently joined the station as their office assistant, and I get to DJ a little on the weekends too. This place is more than a radio station. This place is a ministry!

Sharathon is coming up on March 2nd & 3rd and I would encourage you to pray about partnering with us! We want you to be a part of what God is doing through Hope FM. What we are doing isn’t new, it’s just our turn! It’s YOUR turn! Lock arms with us and let’s proclaim the Gospel together!

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Feb 21, 2023

As a devoted listener and patron of Hope FM, I want to extend a welcome to Jess. Jess, you are joining a crew of wonderful ladies. I am proud to call them friends and co-ministers in worship music. I know you will find your work challenging and fulfilling. We are all so glad you are on board there. Thank you! Dave Webb, Palatka

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