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New Year, New Habits

I have this Christmas bowl that’s been in use in my kitchen ever since we got out all the decorations weeks ago. I’ve gotten so used to seeing it, that when we put all the stuff away after Christmas, I didn’t notice it. Days went by until I realized it was still there.

Now, each time I walk by I think, “Ugh, gotta put that away.” What a hassle! Get back into the closet, take out the boxes of stuff, and find the appropriate one to put it in. Actually, if I did it and timed myself, the task would likely take less than 60 seconds to complete.

Many times we have areas of our life, like bad habits, that we’ve grown so accustomed to, we think that to rid ourselves of them is just entirely too difficult. Well, here we are. The new year. What better time than the present to cleanse our lives of those annoyances? Start today and I bet you’ll find it won’t be nearly the challenge you anticipated. And even if it is, you’ll find it’s worth the effort.

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