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Opinions can be very strong, but only one opinion truly matters.

Any time someone likes your post, comments, or follows you, that’s them telling you what they think about you

Social media is a play space for opinions.

Sometimes, it’s the lack of a like or a follow or a comment that we focus on.

Our mind lies to us and tells us that others don’t like us, or maybe we’ve had people tell us that to our face or through text on a screen.

Words can hurt. Opinions can divide. But only ONE opinion is the truth.

Anthony Gurrola said in a short poem:

Before any giant stood in opposition to you,

God stood firm in His promises for you.

Before anyone said, "You can't,"

God saw you do it.

Before anyone said, "You are not a provider,"

God was preparing a place for you.

Before sin tried to steal, kill, and destroy you,

God was committed to crushing His son to bring you life.

Before the foundations of the entire world,

God had His mind set on you.

And He has not stopped thinking about you.

Don't let a perverted word have any say in your life.

If God didn't say it,

It's not for you.

You had a purpose before anyone had an opinion.

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