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Running or Rest?

Want a good laugh? Just tell God what you're going to do!

That's what I did, "God, I think I am doing plenty for ya already... you know in the Church, on the road, in the hospitals, in hospice, and Hope FM and such... so I think I'm just gonna retire from Hope FM while I'm still reasonably young, and enjoy my family, and boat, and fish" and well, you know catch up some on binge-watching shows.

Now, I have had many detours in my life. I remember walking away from a great paying job as a Project Manager in Ship Repair to follow Christ into ministry. It was definitely by God's design in the end, but that was a change of plans that I didn't ask for, nor was it my timing, but His divine plan for my life. I had to walk through the idea that my plans had changed and remind myself (and my wife) that God's purpose prevails. You know that "everything for a season" cliche' that I used to throw around frequently. The thing is that we all need detours and for our plans to change... it's through these detours that God always takes us to where we're supposed to go, even if it's the long way around. Showing (sometimes force-feeding) us new things along the way. It's ok that it doesn't look the way I thought it was going to look, or to be the way I expected it to be, because thankfully, God knows the bigger plan.

God is God and He is good. Oftentimes a detour may be God's way of getting you to look at Him and fulfill His purpose and not our own. Even if it's a u-turn--like returning to the ministry of Hope FM. God sees the whole picture, your whole story, our entire future. His purpose prevails and we can trust Him, even when your plan derails off the track. See His purpose, because He's good, because He's in control and His plans are always greater than our own.

I am so pleased that God has turned me around to another chance at serving Him in the ministry of 91.3 Hope FM.

My point is that we must rest in the assurance that we can trust in the One who knows what's ahead of the whole picture.

Lord, I choose to believe that you are able to accomplish far more and do far greater than I ever thought possible. I thought I knew my limitations, but through You--I have no limitations. You are a good Father, who has graciously opened another door of ministry that I can walk through and placed a divine purpose and direction for me. I trust You Lord. It's a new day, Thank You for it... Amen.


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