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Stop and See It

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Sometimes it takes a little time off to realize all the good that’s around you.

I spent some time off with my parents and my best friend Shelby the past two weeks.

I had a little stay-cation; my parents and friend flew down to visit me and we journeyed all around Putnam County, Jacksonville, and Orlando.

I spent several days at the beach, ate good food, had a couple laughs, and just took time.

Why do we so often forget to take time?

Take time to admire what’s around us. Take time to spend with friends and family.

Take time to just…not.

During my vacation we had some planned activities, but almost everything was completely spontaneous, and let me tell you that isn’t easy for me! Maybe it isn’t easy for you either.

I wanted to be intentional with this time off. I wanted to eliminate all hurry, and just be.

That is such a freeing feeling.

I found myself sitting at the beach and being reminded, "Oh my gosh, I live here! I’m constantly surrounded by God’s incredible beauty and I have so often missed it!" I looked around as the sun started to set behind the clouds and was reminded that this life is so good. That God is so good.

We are just too busy to stop and see it.

So today, stop and see it.

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