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Take a Vacation; It's More Important (And Cheaper!) Than You Think.

The kids are back to school and and plastic pumpkins are emerging like a bear out of hibernation. Summer is over, there is no denying that. Due to the current economic climate, maybe you like so many people had to scale back or cut out your annual vacation. With everything going on right now, you could probably use one now more than ever. Reclaim Today has some reasons why taking a vacation is so important and I've compiled some tips for a restful staycation.


You don't need to spend a lot of money to get away. Here are my tips for a restful staycation.

Take advantage of your local natural landscape

Here in Putnam County, we are blessed to be surrounded by natural beauty. Spend a day out by the gorgeous St. Johns River. Pack a picnic. Bring some board games or your favorite book. Visit the Ravine Gardens, head to the beach or check out a national park or monument.

Get your rest

Take a nap. Sleep in. Give yourself permission to start your day a little slower while you savor your morning (or afternoon!) coffee.

Don't do the dishes

Commit to a weekend of just not doing the chores. If it means you need to clean your house ahead of time and buy paper plates to feel free to just relax, that's ok.

Spend time with friends and family

Cook a meal together. Call someone you haven't talked to for a while. Take this time to strengthen and renew your connects to those who mean the most to you.

Put down the phone

Seriously, put it down. Stop the mindless scrolling. Commit to a time away from social media and away from the news and all those little dings that send your blood pressure soaring. Want some tips for a social media/screen time detox? Check out this post.

The Importance of Vacation

Vacation gives us space to think

According to Reclaim Today, having the space to think is important because it allows us to evaluate our life decisions. It "encourages us to notice where our values lie and to see if our lives truly align with what’s most important."

Vacation gives us time to rest

See staycation tip #2. We are just too busy. Our culture values business. It glorifies exhaustion. We need to take time to rest mentally, physically, and spiritually or we face burnout.

Vacation gives us freedom to enjoy

"Leisure can seem like too much of a luxury during stressful seasons. Vacation helps us remember that God created a good world, and He desires for us to enjoy participating in the life he has given us."

Want some more tips on how to rest and why it's important? Check out my post on Sabbath HERE.

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