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Thank you Daria

Daria Swisher has been the Digital Director of HopeFM for the past year and a half. During her time here she completely revamped our social media presence, created a professional commercial, and put in countless hours spreading hope to Putnam County. We want to say thank you Daria…

Thank you for your creative mind. Your vision and drive to make HopeFM look the best it has ever looked has brought in new traffic and created a cohesive presence on social media.

Thank you for taking initiative. The new website you designed and created from scratch has given us a better platform and been such a great resource for everyone.

Thank you for your dedication. You gave everything during your time here and put in so much work to truly fulfill your job description.

Thank you for leading well. You lead projects with grace and confidence and gave us all a vision with a goal in mind.

Thank you for your joy. Your smiling face every morning has been a light to all of us and your kindness in every situation has encouraged us to continue this mission of Hope FM.

Thank you for your friendship. You have been a confidant to us in all seasons and been a shoulder to lean on in all situations.

Thank you for being you.

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