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What Helps You?

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

One of my favorite poets, Tanner Olson, was asked by one of his Instagram followers:

What helps you when you are feeling low?

He said,

When the heaviness comes and hope seems far, there are a few things I know that help me find and remember the beauty of being alive. The noise of this world is deafening, but I’ll keep listening to the sound of hope.

So, he made a list. You can see it here.

I also made a list.

So, what helps me?

Coffee helps.

Car rides with good music helps.

Long video calls with friends and family helps.

Singing helps.

Laughing until I can’t breathe helps.

Watching movies and YouTube videos with friends helps.

Reading helps.

Flowers help.

My dad sending me pics of my dog helps.

Crying helps.

Praying helps.

Taking the time to rest helps.

Being present helps.

Being silent helps.

My parents reminding me that they love me helps.

Ice cream helps.

Re-watching Parks and Rec helps.

My mom telling me “I listened to BTS because I miss you” helps.

Eating with my friends helps.

Sitting at the riverfront helps.

Worshiping helps.

Chocolate helps.

My comfy hoodie helps.

The little lizards that live outside my house help.

Thankfulness helps.

The love of Jesus helps.

What helps you slow down, breathe easy, and remember how good it is to be alive? I encourage you to make a list of your own. It helps. I promise.

Much love,

Rachel :)

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