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Finding Jesus Through Laughter

A couple weeks ago I went back to Ohio and spent a week with family and friends. As soon as I got off the plane Thursday morning, my mom and I drove to see my grandma. I wanted to come home to see family and not have the weight of my grandpa’s funeral in the midst of visiting.

But grief was still there.

It feels like you’re fine one moment, and then something triggers you and you're a puddle of tears. My grandma was handling her grief in silence. As I walked into her house and saw my grandpa’s chair empty, I felt this overwhelming presence. I felt Jesus say, “bring joy.”

We ate dinner, watched TV together and I played with my grandpa's dog, Coco. Some of the conversation was quiet, some was loud. There was silence. There were glances across the room that spoke more than words could. We had a good time, but sadness lingered.

As mom and I were driving home, my grandma called me. She rarely calls. Grandpa was the one who always called.

I answered and she was laughing! I haven't heard my grandma laugh like that in a really long time. Coco was sleeping with the toy we played with earlier. “She’s never ever done that before!" Grandma said. "You gave her the best night ever!”

Coco was my grandpa’s dog. His best friend. Christ came in that moment, listening to my grandma laugh. By bringing the joy of Christ, I gave my grandmother a glimpse of my grandpa again.

Christ can come in the most simple things. A hug. A kind word. A laugh.

Don’t underestimate what Christ can use to bring comfort. He is always there, bringing joy to our weary souls.

That night, joy came in the form of a sock monkey toy.

Just imagine what He could use in your life.

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