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Lori Mac is bringing hope!

For You, O Lord, are my hope! Psalm 71:5

Lori Mac has taken sharing hope to the next level.  After years of singing hymns to the elderly, she’s discovered a way to leave them with something that will continue to bring them comfort and peace when and where they need it most.


Through a device called the Hope Player, some of the best gospel hymns of all time are in one place to be easily enjoyed over and over by residents in senior homes and hospice centers. On her Hope Tours, she travels from one home or facility to another, ministering hope and leaving Hope Players.


I enjoyed every minute of visiting with Lori and know you’ll be encouraged by her story. To find out more her website is, where you can support her ministry and help provide Hope Players to “the forgotten generation” so they will no longer be forgotten. Keep up with her adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

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