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Recently, my wife and our little grand-daughter Emma and I took a day in about the town,… we drove through the Ravine Gardens, walked around a local thrift shop, and a department store to burn some time. We decided to have lunch at local restaurant. We went in and took our place in line, it was busy. My wife and Emma found a table while I placed our order and got cups, back to the table, then off to the drink machine. Now I am easy, peasey--tea-sweet tea with the crunch ice, that’s it!, Jo a diet and then Emma a juice, but…… the drink machine line was 5 deep with a child in the front trying to select something from a machine that offers 50 flavors. You know what that means. Now I am becoming frustrated…… electronic buttons, one at a time fountain head with that many flavors and an 8 year old making a jumbo suicide drink,…. Argh! Finally got my drinks and made my way back to our table, picked up the order and commenced to distributing the bounty. Then,….. we pray,… Emma is shy and she clasps her hands and closes her eyes to pray, it’s warm and uplifting. I said the prayer and glanced at the couples around us afterwards. I had to laugh when I noticed the lady at the table next to us--she looked at us and uttered to her husband something to the effect of “children can remember it”, and kicked him under his chair… LOL, Ahhhhh the simple things in life! Father, I praise You that in this complicated and complex world, You keep us from ourselves. Let us focus on matters of the heart and not on the matters of the world. Let us walk in a way that You would have us walk, act in a manner in which You would have us act and to mind our manners. Father, we praise You, we thank You, we love You and we can’t wait to see what You have in store for us next. Amen.

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